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My name is Benjamin Meyer-Plutowski. I am a composer.

I was born in a small town near Lübeck, Germany, in 1980. Lübeck, not far away from the Baltic sea and in the time of yore the capital of the Hanse, the powerful middle age trading association, is  the hometown of baroque composer Dietrich Buxtehude and writer Thomas Mann.

Although I started playing the piano at age 7, I did not start composing before my 20th birthday. You won't find any of these early works, not because they are bad, or because they feature a style I no longer pursue, but simply they aren't typeset in fashion that would allow to give them away. I may add them later. I was mostly engaged in my piano trio, instrumented rather unusually with viola, flute, and, of course, piano, for which I wrote a four-movement-trio, premiered in its entirety in 2005, as well as smaller works. It was a wonderful time, but I had to move on and decided to proceed musical composition on a professional level.

In 2006 I passed the admission exam of the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna, quit my job in Germany and moved to Austria. I studied composition and music theory, which I completed in 2012. Even now I am surprised how easy I made the transition from a rather romantic to an elaborate avant-garde style.

You may notice that I only present a handful of pieces. There are more, but not that much, and here you will find only those works I consider my very best. It takes me a long time from the first idea till I write the first note, and I am convinced that a change of habits won't do any good to my music.

I have a lot of musical role models. This is only a selection:

Georg Friedrich Händel -- for his never ending musical imagination

Robert Schumann -- for his incredible deep inspired piano music.

Luigi Nono -- for the beauty in his atonal works.

Jean Barraqué -- for his rigor.

Galina Ustvol'skaya -- for her relentlessness

Kate Bush -- for her crazyness