Sunday, 09 February 2014 20:22

So I have a website

So I finally have a website

And it was fun to make it. Seriously, it seems to be easier than ever to reach the world and spread my compositions. There is Soundcloud, Youtube, Blogger, and all the other platforms which only wait for me to upload my content. It was never easier, I wrote, but on the other hand, it was never more necessary.


Being an Entrepreneur as a musician is something they hardly teach you at the university. There will be no king, who employs you, like Haydn was employed, nor will there be a call at the day of your graduation that commissions you to write a new opera for the MET. Okay, sometimes it may happen, but don't expect you to be the one selected. It's on you to promote your work, to foster your talent, to pay your bills, and by you, I mean me.

The most important instrument for a composer? Google Analytics!

My worst fear as a composer was to actually approach people and asking them to play my music. Unfortunately, that's the most common way of getting one's stuff performed, apart from being commissioned, but that's a thing an aspiring composer shouldn't count on. Confronting fears is a good way of overcoming them, and the Internet allows me to get in contact with everybody only interested in the slightest in my music. Facebook is as vital as Twitter as Google Plus, LinkedIn or even XING. But my best friend is Google Analytics.

One of the most rewarding moments is an ascending scale in the Google Analytics Dashboard. How many users has visited my website, from which country, for how long? Who is interested in my work? Becoming familiar not only with the immense possibilities of Google but of the Web 2.0 in general was a great and helpful experience.

Being relevant

It is not always about my music. In my blog "Listening to..." I write about music that interests me and thoughts I want to share. I want to provide content not only for the ear, but also for the eye. Relevance is one of the most important things for being recognized by search engines. Yes, your heard me: Search Engine Optimization is something even a music entrepreneur should care about. But relevance not only applies to search engines. It applies also to me. I love writing about music, and so it is relevant to me to present my thoughts about music to an audience.

I also recorded some interviews of fellow composers for this website. First  in line were Berlin-based composer Wendelin Bitzan and Canadian composer Caitlin Smith. I am very happy that they gave me the opportunity to talk to them. I see this website not only as a means for promoting my music but as a platform to get in touch with other composers.

Being a music entrepreneur is more than just suiting up and behaving like a business man. It is the awareness, that the process of composition is not over when one lay down the pencil. It is over when the piece is performed. In rare cases this is achieved by simply submitting the piece to an ensemble or a competition. But in the majority it is the immersion into the musical world with one goal: Being relevant.