Paul Gallister

I studied with fellow composer Paul Gallister at the University of Music and performing Arts in Vienna, where we became friends. He is not only an excellent composer but also a talented guitarist with his band "Ja Nein Vielleicht" ("Yes No Maybe"), for which he composed the songs.

Although he is the creator of so-called avant garde music, for which his awarded string quartet "Per Se" is the best example, his main focus lies on music for movies. He wrote the score for the main theme and two episodes of the TV shows "Das Glück dieser Erde" ("The Greatest Happiness on Earth") produced by the main broadcast stations in Austria and Germany.

You might listen to his music on Soundcloud

Caitlin Smith

Caitlin Smith is a Canadian composer, currently living in Vienna, where I met her. She is the founder of the band "Tiny Alligator", according to her website a "hybrid jazz-classical ensemble." Her music is available on her website www.tinyalligator.com as well as on Youtube. She also contributes to the blog I CARE IF YOU LISTEN.

Wendelin Bitzan

Wendelin Bitzan is a Berlin-based composer. He is also a music theorist and a sound engineer. I interviewed him during December 2013 about some of his composition and his approach to composition in general.

You may find the scores of Wendelin Bitzan on imslp.org, recordings of his music are available via his Youtube channel and Soundcloud.