neverstory - composition for string orchestra

What is a story? Can music tell story? If so, what is the story about? Many consider music as a story told in tones. In this composition I challenge this notion by employing means to deliberately suppress the development of a story.

Tthe first step was to write a couple of pieces for string orchestra. I chose this instrumentation since it provides a large range of tone color and playing techniques, yet the ability to sound as a single instrument, if necessary. Of course, every single piece was a story of its own, so I cut them apart at their bar lines and reassembled them in a completely new way. 

By doing so, the problem of cohesion arose. Nobody wants to hear a pieces which disintegrates, so I chose to begin every piece with the same chord, which now, after the reassembling, appears every now and then in the composition, providing an anchor for the listener, creating cohesion and tension.